Frequently Ask Questions



Why should I register an account?

To protect our customers as best we can, and to ensure we can give you the best experience possible, you must register an account. Registering an account with B4MX allows you to:

  • Post new ads.
  • Edit your ads.
  • Use B4MX messenger.
  • Receive email notification of replies to your ads.
  • Set up a saved search alert (You will be alerted to items that match your saved search criteria via email when they are first posted on the website).

How to register a B4MX account?

  • Click the person icon on the top right of the screen to begin registering your account.
  • Click “Login” from the pop out menu.
  • On the bottom of the “Login” screen, you will see “Not a member of B4MX? SIGN UP NOW”. Click on “SIGN UP NOW”
  • You will then be given three options to register:
    •  Enter your email address twice and a password.
    • Register through your Facebook account.
    • Register through your Google account.
  • If you are already signed in to either your Facebook or Google account, depending on which option you choose, you will be asked to choose an account, and thereafter be automatically brought back to the landing page. From here you can click the person icon on the top right of the screen again where you will be given a list of options after you have registered.
  • If you are not signed in to any of your Facebook or Google accounts, you will have to enter your email address and password for the account type that you have selected.

How to delete/deactivate a B4MX account?

  • To protect our customers, your account cannot be deleted.
  • In certain circumstances, an account can be deactivated. Please email your request to

Logging in

  • Click the person icon on the top right of the screen.
  • Click “Login” from the pop out menu.
  • You will be given three options to login:
    • a)      Login through your Facebook account.
    • b)      Login through your Google account
    • c)      Login with your registered email and password.
  • When logging in with your registered email and password, you are given the option to “Remember Me” by clicking a checkbox.
  • By clicking “Remember Me” and logging in. If you then log out, the next time you open the website, you will be automatically logged back in through your registered email account.

Forgotten Password

  • If you have forgotten your password, please click “Oh No!!! I forgot my password” underneath the login details section of the login screen.
  • You will then be asked to enter the email address of the account you have forgotten your password for. Click the “Retrieve Password” button.
  • An email is then sent to your email account with a link to reset your password.


My Profile

  • The first item on the registered pop out menu is “My Profile”. Clicking “My Profile” will bring you to your profile where you can update information about yourself. The information contained herein is:
  • Your Name
    • i.       You can fill in your first and second name.
    • ii.      You can also choose how your name will appear on your ads on the site e.g. if your name is John Murphy, you can choose to show your initials (JM), your first name and last initial (John M), your first initial and last name (J Murphy) or your full name (John Murphy).
  • Your Location.
    • i.       Please find your location on the map by typing in your address, clicking on the pinpoint beside the text input box, or by dragging the screen with your two fingers.
    • ii.      Please note, your exact location WILL NOT BE SHOWN in your ads. This is to try and reduce the risk of your items being stolen. Your address will only be shown down to county/state level.
  • Your Email Address
    • i.       You can update and change your e-mail address at any time.
    • ii.      It is advisable you put in an e-mail account that you use regularly.
    • iii.     BeforeMX Ltd will not bear any responsibility for missed search alerts, messages etc. that are not shown because of an incorrect or unused e-mail address.
  • Your Phone Number.
    • i.       Your phone number can be updated at any time.
  • Your Account Type
    • i.       There are two account types on B4MX. You can choose between a private seller, or a trade account.
    • ii.      By choosing a private seller account, you must pay for each ad on a pay-as-you go basis and are charged the full price for each ad placed on the website. Some ad sections are free, see the pricing page for more info.
    • iii.     By choosing a trade account, you can choose one of 3 types of annual subscription. Annual subscriptions have a discounted price for ads on the site ranging from 16% to 40% savings depending on the package you choose. Trade account profile pictures are also shown in the ad previews on the preview pages of the website.
  • Your Preferred Contact Method(s)
    • i.       You can select by which means you want to be contacted for ads you place on the B4MX website. Your choice of contact will be shown on the ads you place on the site. There are three options available; “Contact by B4MX Messenger”, “Contact by phone or text”, and “Contact by e-mail”. Please select the method(s) by  which you want to be contacted.
  • To update your profile information, simply select the piece of information you wish to edit, re-type / select the new information, and scroll to the bottom of the profile view and click “SAVE”.
  • You are entirely responsible for the information contained in your profile. Your User ID remains yours for the lifetime of the website.


My Listings

  • The second item on the registered pop out menu is “My Listings”. Clicking “My Listings” will bring you to a view of your current ads which are both published, and in draft.
  • To view your published ads, click “Publish” on the top of the screen.
  • To view your draft ads, click “Draft” on the top of the screen.
    • In each view, you can select your ads to view the whole ad, or to edit the information in the ad. The ads cannot be updated to a different product category e.g. change from quads to bikes, from parts to gear etc. It is your responsibility to ensure the items you are advertising are categorised correctly at the time of publishing.
    • If you have not published or begun creating any ads, there will not be any ads shown in either of the views.

My Favourites

  • The third item on the registered pop out menu is “My Favourites”. Clicking “My Favourites” will bring you to a view of ads which you have favourited by clicking on the small heart in the ad view.
  • There are three view options in “My Favourites”:
    • “ALL” is where you can see all ads you have favourited, both ads that are still active, and ads that have sold.
    • “ACTIVE” is where you can see all ads you have favourited where the items are still for sale.
    • “SOLD” is where you can see all ads you have favourited where the items have already been sold. “SOLD” ads are removed from the site after seven days.

My Searches

  • The fourth item on the registered pop out menu is “My Searches”. Clicking “My Searches” will bring you to a view where you can see the search alerts that you have setup. A search alert is where you ask for B4MX to send you an email to alert you when a new ad has been posted with the specific search criteria you are looking for.
  • Search alerts can be setup to filter any of the categories listed on the B4MX website.
  • The same filter options apply for search alerts, as they do when searching for items already listed on the site.
  • You can setup multiple search alerts for different items you wish to be alerted about. A maximum of 20 different search alerts can be setup for any one account.
  • To setup a search alert, select a category from the homepage, and filter out the criteria you want be alerted about e.g. Honda Motocross Bikes within 100km of your location. Click the “Done” button under Refine at the top of the filter options list.
  • When the results of the filter are shown, you can click “Save Search” near the top of the screen, underneath the search text input box. This will save the criteria you have filtered for as a search alert. To make sure this alert has been created, click back into “My Searches” in “My Profile”.

My Messages

  • The fifth item on the registered pop out menu is “My Messages”.
  • “My Messages” is where you will find all of your correspondence through the B4MX messenger service. “My Inbox” will show all correspondence where buyers have contacted you about ads you have published, and where you have contacted sellers about ads they have published.
  • After clicking “My Messages”, similarly to “My Listings”, there will be two views to choose from, “Active” and “Archived”.
  • The “Active” view will show all messages associated with items that are still for sale on the site and have not been marked as sold.
  • The “Archived” view will show all messages associated with items that have been marked as sold.
  • To delete messages, select the message and click “Delete” at the bottom of the messenger view. To delete all messages in either the “Active” or “Archived” views, click the “Select All” checkbox, and click the “Delete” button.
  • You can also search through your messages for specific keywords. To search for a keyword in your messages, type the keyword(s) you are looking for in the text box at the bottom of the screen with the hint “Search”,and press the Enter / Return key.


  • The sixth item on the registered pop out menu is “Logout”. Clicking “Logout” will log you out of your account and you will be no longer shown the registered pop out menu when you click on the person icon on the top right of the screen.
  • When “Logout” is clicked, you will be returned to the login page.

Placing an Ad

To place an ad on the site, you must first register an account, or login if you have already registered. By clicking “PLACE ADS” on the top right of the screen, you will be redirected to the place ad view where you can enter details about the items you wish to advertise.

Placing an Ad

  • After being redirected to the place ad view, you can select your ad category from the first dropdown box.
  • The dropdown list option swill update depending on if you select Bikes, Quads, Vehicles, Gear, Casual, Parts or Accessories.
  • The following instructions describe how to place an ad for “Bikes”.
  • After selecting “Bikes” from the first dropdown box, the second dropdown box automatically populate to show you the different categories of bikes e.g. motocross, enduro, supermoto etc.
  • Select the category of bike you want to place an ad for.
  • You can then upload up to 10 photos of the bike you want to sell. Click “Choose photos to add”
  • If you are using a Mobile Device, there are 3 options to add pictures, Camera, Browse or Select an image(s) from your camera gallery.
    • 1. Camera; Take a picture of the item with your Mobile Device if it has a camera.
    • 2. Browse; you can choose images from any folder on your mobile device e.g. Whattsapp, Snapchat etc..
    • 3. Camera Gallery; choose images from your camera gallery.
      • You can select more than one image at a time to upload.
      • You can set the image that is shown on the ad preview by clicking “Set as Primary”. This will be the photo that buyers see when scrolling through ad previews.
      • To delete an image, click the red “x”.
  • The “AD TITLE” is an opportunity for you to add a description to your ad of the item you're selling. This will be shown on the ad preview and the main ad screen.
  • You can change the “Currency” of your ad between Euro and British Pound Sterling. We use todays exchange rate to give an estimate of the price in the alternate currency when buyers are viewing ads.
  • Enter the “Price” you have for your bike in the price textbox.
  • Select the “Make” of the bike you are selling from the dropdown list. We have put together an extensive list of Makes and Models, however if what you’re selling isn’t listed, please send an email to
  • Select the “Model” of the bike you are selling from the dropdown list.
  • Type in the “Year” of manufacture for your bike. Only 4 digit years are allowed e.g. 2018 not 18.
  • Type in the number of engine run “Hours” in the hours text box.
  • The “Stroke” dropdown list will show the engine stroke of the model of bike selected. This allows you to search for bikes by 2 or 4 stroke, or electric
  • The “Engine Size” dropdown list will show the Cubic Capacity of the engine in metric CC. This allows you to search by bike CC.
  • “Other” can be selected in cases where the bike make and/or model is not listed. Selecting other will allow you to write in the make and/or model manually.
  • If you have selected other for the make an/or model, the “STROKE” and “ENGINE SIZE (CC)” will have to be manually entered.
  • The “Description” text box allows you to write in any relevant information about the bike you are selling. E.g. Aftermarket parts, service work carried out, type of use etc.
  • The “SEARCH TAGS” text box allows you to add in words or phrases that you think somebody looking for your bike may type in the search bar on the home page. Type the word you want to tag, and click “add”.
  • The location of your bike can then be selected. If you are at the location of your bike, click the blue pinpoint to the right of the “Search” text box. This will select your current location. Alternatively you can type your location in the “Search” textbox e.g. Dublin. Finally, you can drag the pointer around the screen and zoom the map in and out to find your loaction. WE WILL NOT SHOW YOUR EXACT LOCATION IN YOUR ADS. Your location is only shown down to county/state level in any ad you post. If you wish to arrange viewing of the bike, this must be organised between you and the interested party through the messenger service, or alternative method that you prefer e.g. by text message, phone call etc. You are liable for disclosing any personal information to a third party.
  • The final option is to add a phone number to contact you on. This is automatically filled out based on your user account entry. The phone number can be changed by selecting the prefix from the dropdown list and manually entering the phone number in the textbox, or by updating your phone number in your user profile.
  • You can then select the type of “Ad Plan” you want. There are 3 options:
    • 1: “BASIC”; your ad is posted for 60 days, and as new ads are added, your ad will be shown further down the list in chronological order.
    • 2: “AUTO BUMP”; Your ad is posted for 60 days and is automatically bumped back to the top of the list after 7 days, and then again after another 7 days. The ad will not be bumped up again.
    • 3: “Spotlight”; Your ad will is posted for 60 days and will be shown at the top of the list for one full 24 hour period.
  • You can then “SAVE AS DRAFT” or “PAY & PUBLISH”.
    • “SAVE AS DRAFT” will not publish the ad for public viewing, and the ad will be saved under “DRAFTS” in “My Active Ad(s)”. You can always go back and edit or delete your draft ads before publishing.
    • “PAY & PUBLISH” will bring you to the first payment screen where you will see the total to be paid, and the option to enter a voucher code. You must then click “Pay with PayPal”.
    • You then have the option to pay through your PayPal account by entering your PayPal account email address, or you can pay directly using your credit or debit card.
    • Clicking “Pay with Bank Account or Credit Card” will bring you to the PayPal debit and Credit card details screen. Enter your details and click “Continue” on the bottom of the screen.

Removing an ad

  • Ads can be removed in the “My Active Ads” view of “My Profile”. Click the red “REMOVE” button beside the ad you wish to remove. A pop-out will ask “Are you sure you want to delete?”. Click “OK” to confirm removing this ad. Once “OK” is clicked, the ad is removed and confirmed with a message at the top of the screen in a green box saying “Ad Deleted Successfully!”.

Reporting an ad

  • If you have an issue with an ad, you can report the ad to us for review. To report an ad, click on the ad, and scroll down below the sellers contact information. Click the red “Report this ad” button. Enter your name, email address, the subject of the report, and a description of your issue, and click “Submit”. A pop out will say “Thank you! Your report is recorded successfully, we will investigate the issue very soon.” We will investigate your issue and take neccessary action.

Can I change my ad pictures once the ad is published?

  • Yes, pictures can be added and removed at any time through “My Active Ads” in “My Profile”.